Return Policy

Delivery & Returns

When choosing and purchasing your preferred combo, we at YOTOG work hard to ensure that you have the best experience. Despite our best efforts to maintain customer satisfaction, there are times when you might feel compelled to return your product due to events that are neither within your control nor ours.

To ensure that you won't encounter any issues should you decide to cancel your order or request a refund, we have included all relevant information about our cancellation and refund policy below.

Shipping Policy

When you order from YOTOG, we work hard to get the product to you quickly and in excellent condition. Depending on where the delivery is being made, the estimated delivery period is 3–7 days from the date of purchase.

When entering your shipping address and phone number information, please watch out for the following to ensure that your order is delivered on time:

  1. Provide complete address information, including House Number, Floor, Street Name, and Locality, as well as a Landmark.
  2. Orders may be misrouted if incorrect information is provided for City, State, and Zip/Postal Code.
  3. Kindly ensure that your phone number (preferably mobile) is correct and reachable, as we may need to contact you regarding delivery issues.
  4. Please ensure that someone is available at the shipping address to pay cash by tendering exact change for Cash on Delivery orders. If you receive a damaged parcel, please DO NOT accept it and inform us at 9928022658 (10AM – 6PM) or email us at
  5. Note: Prior to being sent out from our order-processing department, we ensure that every package is perfectly boxed and securely taped. However, before it gets to you, it goes through a lot of steps at the courier company. We strongly advise against accepting any damaged shipments because in that case, any missing items will be your responsibility.

There can only be one shipping address used to fulfill each order. Multiple orders must be placed if you want to ship goods to various addresses.

 *Order value is determined after discounts, VAT, GST, and any other applicable fees have been applied.

How do I cancel an order?

An order can be canceled within two hours of placement.  Email with your request. Orders cannot be canceled once they have shipped, and the return policy outlined below will apply.

Return Policy

Q: I received the order. But there's an issue. Can I return my ordered items?

Yes, you certainly can. Customers are considered family members at YOTOG. We go to great lengths to ensure that products reach customers around the world in the best condition, but there is always the chance that a customer will want to return their purchases.

  • For refunds, returns, or replacements, YOTOG only accepts claims that are submitted within the first 48 hours of delivery. Only Transit Damage, Defective, Wrong, or Missing Products are eligible for a refund.
  • In order to accurately depict the size of the earring, the product page includes the necessary model photos. Before making a purchase, please carefully review the details.
  • Customers are advised to record an unboxing video as proof of transit damage, wrong product, or missing product. This will be considered proof and will assist us in obtaining additional Claim Insurance from the Courier Company. We do not consider returns or refunds unless an Unboxing Video is provided.
  • This is necessary to demonstrate the validity of the buyer's claim and will be useful to us in confirming the specifics of the claim. If the buyer cannot provide an unboxing video to support his/her claim, no request for replacement, refund, or return will be considered.
  • Proper Unboxing Video –
    • must display the YOTOG label pasted on the package
    • must be uninterrupted and without cuts.
    • must clearly display the damage
  • If the buyer provides incorrect information during the purchase process, such as an incorrect address, pin code, or contact number, and as a result the product is returned to our facility, the buyer will receive a refund of the purchase price after deducting the forward and return transit costs.
  • We will get in touch with you to start the refund process after carefully reviewing the Unboxing Video you sent.
  • Order cancellations made after the package has left the warehouse will result in a double shipping fee.

Q: What are the steps for returning any item ordered from YOTOG?

  • If you have any complaints about the product you received, please report them to us within 48 hours of receiving the product. If the product has any problems, be sure to send an unpacking video to team or call 9928022658.
  • It is entirely at YOTOG's discretion to refund, replace, or return the damaged or wrong product.
  • In most cases, if your product is damaged, YOTOG will send you a replacement at no additional cost.
  • If only one item in the combo is damaged, you will receive a refund equal to the price you paid for that item at the time of purchase (less any discounts, etc.). You can choose to receive refunds in your bank account, UPI ID, YOTOG website wallet, or coupon code.